Trevor in the United States; the final Chapter

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Well this is the final installment of Trevor's ventures in the United States. It was a great time having Trevor here. You can attempt to build a business relatiuonship as Trevor and I have done over the phone for the past several years, but nothing comes close to actually meeting each other one on one.

During the 11 days Trevor was here we tried to squeeze in as much as possible, and still there were hundreds of things left undone and unseen.

Trevor arrived on Friday, April 17th. He was pretty tired and had a bad stomach, that we later learned was a stomach bug. His children in Australia came down with the same after he left. So Friday and Saturday were sort of down days. Saturday night Trevor was feeling better so we went to the Chris Angel magic show at the Luxor, which has been voted the WORST SHOW in Las Vegas, but I got the locals discount, so I thought we would go to see for ourselves. ABSOLUTELY the biggest joke of a show on the Las Vegas Strip. "Hey Chris, dancing around on a darkened stage and backing into a black back drop while other dancers come and embrace you and fumble around trying to get the wires attached to your back, and being lifted into the air, is not magic! It's not even an illusion." The only illusion is the one you have about you being a world class magician. The show is like a spoof of bad magic. At one point they strap him onto a table and cut him in half with a chain saw, and then separate the two halfs to each side of the stage, while his guts and entrails fall onto the stage. Looked like some links of bratwurst with fake blood. I have never seen a show so bad in my life.

I took Trevor shopping so he could get things for family and friends, we hit the Fashion Show mall, and the Forum shops. We felt so gay, two guys shopping - gross.

Monday we went to the store and got out orders and prepared for our trip down to meet Russ and Rob. Left Tuesday morning and arrived in Quartzite first to do a little hunting. Talked to some folks camped at middle camp who own 10 claims and they graciously gave us permission to hunt their claims. We later took them a 12 pack of beer as a thank you, and yesterday I followed up by sending them some gifts, and a thank you note.

Met up with Russ on Wednesday, went to his special place where Trevor scored that whopper of a nugget. Thursday Rob and Dennis arrived. We left Thursday afternoon to head back to Las Vegas. Friday we got orders that had accumulated filled and shipped. Saturday we spent at the Primm Gold show, and talked to a lot of our dealers.

The visit also included trips to Minelab so Trevor could see the American headquarters, and many other things which I am sure I am forgetting. Trevor is a growing boy and has to be fed about every two hours, and he eats hearty. Certainly not a picky eater. He was particularly fond of Canre Asada Tacos from Roberto's, a pretty authentic Mexican eatery.

Sunday I decided it would be fun to take him out to Gold Basin where I prospect and have a go at some old patches with the new Gold Stalker coil. I was using a GPX4000 and the 12 X 19 Gold Stalker. The first patch we went to was one that I have absolutely pounded senseless. I had taken about 17 nuggets out of an area about 60 feet by 60 feet, for close to an ounce. The biggest piece being a 1/2 ounce.

Well not 20 minutes into swinging I got this real subtle, but very clear repeatable signal. As there is no trash in this patch it had to either be a nugget or a little piece of magnatite, which is very prevalent. I told Trevor to come over and listen, because I wanted to see if the GPX4500 was better on the target than the 4000. I would have to say that the 4500 was a little bit sharper.

But what amazed me the most was how dead stable and sensitve the 12 X 19 Gold Stalker is. It is like silk. No way could I have heard this little pisser unless I was using a coil than ran very quiet.

After chasing this little target around in the dirt for about 5 minutes, we finally isolated the little bugger. A little maybe .1 gram nugget, just two inches below the surface mixed in with the gravel. I suppose I can take some satisfaction in the fact that if I can still find those dinks, the big ones will take care of themselves.

So it was good to get out, after be MIA for two years, and it was also good to know I still recognize a target when I hear it. We went to other old patches but we didn't find anything else. The day was relatively short. I knew we would be facing traffic back up at the dam. It took 50 minutes to go two miles.

Monday was spent finishing up some shopping Trevor had to do, and getting orders out, and Tuesday was spent getting Trevor organzied for the long trip back to Australia, and packaging orders.

Trevor called me last night to tell me he had arrived home safey, and to thank my family and I for our hospitality. He said all of the gifts he had purchased were a big hit with the family. The biggest gift was him arriving back home safely of course. I was a real pleasure to finally lay eyes on Trevor. We had a great time and many lengthy discussions of where we want to take Coiltek. Coiltek Manufacturing is here to stay as the most innovative and customer service oriented Coil innovator in the industry, and I am happy to have been a part of it since almost day one.

Here's some pictures. Thanks Trevor, you're a great Mate!



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Guest goldstudmuffin


Thanks for sending the gifts, that was very nice of you. I got another package in the mail today, this is the second one. Scott and I we'll put them to good use. And thanks for the very nice gifts you and Trevor gave me at the nugget patch. Doc you and Trevor have an open invite anytime you want, just say when!

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Does anyone ever notice how Russ always says "You and Trevor are welcome anytime." NOT "YOU or Trevor are welcome anytime." That means I have to wait until I don't when, until Trevor comes back to the U.S. to get to go to the nugget patch.

I just don't understand. I have been to Russ' nugget patch twice now, and I am gracious enough to NEVER find any gold! Trevor comes to the patch one stinking time and has the audacity and poor manners to find a nugget, not just a nugget, but a 1.8 ounce whopper. That's just wrong! As a matter of fact, of all the patches I have been invited to hunt on, with Rob, and Grubstake, and other folks, I am always a perfect gentleman and NEVER find any gold. I just wander around aimlessly and dig trash. :wacko:

Dear Russ, As for the second package, it's because I am so old and senile I forgot to put that stuff in with the first package. Russ I always enjoy seeing you, and having a visit. However it was so dang hot, it sort of sucked the life out of me quick.

The trip couldn't have been more enjoyable, I mean except for Trevor running up to me and getting two inches away from my face every thirty minutes and screaming, "Neener neener neener I got a big nugget and you didn't, you big Wally."

I'm just kidding!

It is always great to get out, no matter what the result. BTW way Russ I am using a satellite connection, I am at your nugget patch right now! :spank:

Take care!



Thanks for sending the gifts, that was very nice of you. I got another package in the mail today, this is the second one. Scott and I we'll put them to good use. And thanks for the very nice gifts you and Trevor gave me at the nugget patch. Doc you and Trevor have an open invite anytime you want, just say when!

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Guest goldstudmuffin

Doc you don't need to bring Trevor, you're welcome anytime. It sure would have been nice if the weather would have cooperated, I have trouble getting into digging trash when it's 100 degrees outside.

We've spend about a year trying to get all the "low hanging fruit" out of that particular wash. Because the trash in it was quite a bit worse than the main wash. We've kind of skipped over that wash because the trash was so bad. Now it's time to dig every single target, if that's possible.

Let me know when you want to come and help us dig trash!

Your friend,


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