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Thanks Steve!

Of course I do! I'm in this for the long haul. You don't build a business by not treating your most valuable asset like a precious gold nugget. In the case of a business your most precious asset is not your building, or inventory, or your bank account. It is your customers; without them, all else becomes worthless.

My main goal is to keep my customer's happy, and to make sure they don't miss any detecting time because a piece of equipment got funky acting.

I want my customers to stop and think before they order an item from me or my dealers, or someone else. I hope they think down the road to who will take care of any problems, should they need warranty service, quickly and effiiciently.

It's easy to a salesperson to be all full of joy and sunlight and seem extremely helpful when a person is trying to sell a product, but do they handle your problems with the same service and enthusiasm? If not, then you need to be dealing with Rob or myself, or one of our other dealers. If you ever have a warranty issue with an item, there is no need to go back to your dealer, just call me direct, and let me know who your dealer is, and we will get it handled for you. In most cases we will have you back up and running in two days.

Thanks again for the nice comments, it makes it all worth the effort.


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