Mono Elliptical coil question

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I would like some conformation on Mono coil depth.

Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I read an 18" round coil basically goes 18" deep on average nuggets and a 14" goes 14" so on and so forth.

To calculate Elliptical coil depth you add the length and width, divide by 2 and you have the depth...IE: 0n a 12X18" =15" search depth.

Is this at all correct?

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In my experience, an elliptical coils width, say it's 10" goes about as deep as a 10" mono round but it is not as sensitive to small deeper nuggets as a 10" round.

The real benefit of an elliptical is you can cover more area per sweep. Also the toe and heal are a little more sensitive to small stuff but doesn't punch very deep.

I personally no longer use elliptical coils, rounds only. Some people use only ellipticals and most use both depending on the terrain or conditions. It's a personal preference and in time you will find what what works best for you.


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My vote is for the round coils as well. Up in our neck of the woods it is wide open country so there is not really a reason for a elliptcial unless your up in the mountians getting into tight places or the round coils are just to heavy for you. Lucky has been using his 15" Elliptcial commander and does very well with them small deep nuggets. I think really what ever you build the most confidence in is going to be the best coil you got in the garage. But to anwser your question I'm pretty sure the rounds get more depth but you really can't put a ruler on them as nuggets are different sizes and they all set in the ground differently. I think you get a half ounce nugget that is long and skinny setting up on end and a flat 2.5dwt setting flat will get you close to the same depth.

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You'll never get a real good answer to your question about depth of a coil or what coil to use. I've dug up nuggets with the little 8" Round Commander at depths that you'd say No-way! As you know by looking at any detectorist collection of coils each one preforms to a given need...just like a tackle box full of lures! A new patch may require starting off with a DD coil, to quickly pull the ducks off the top few inches a 11" round is my choice for this. As the patch progresses and trash is being pulled out you may then start using a bigger DD coil or 11" round Mono. Keep pulling your trash targets out. As you know the bigger the trash target the longer it takes your machine to re-group/settle down from the noise it produces. Ounce you have the bigger trash targets removed then it's time for a bigger Mono coil to punch down for the bigger or smaller nuggets, low & slow and dig all targets even if you think your coil is falsing on you. I hope this's a progression of different coils and sizes to keep gold coming out of the ground.


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