Gold from the patio

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I spent the last two days catching up on some long overdue clean-up on my patio. I had numerous buckets of gravel, dirt, sluice cons and six sniffer bottles with various amounts of gold and black sands that I needed to classify down to at least 30 mesh for my blue bowl. After screening all of it through 1/2",1/4", a flour sifter and 30 mesh, I panned everything twice and ended up with 2/3 of a 5 gallon bucket ready for the blue bowl. The nice surprise was the amount of gold accumulated from my efforts.

The pics also show a small bucket full of common opal and some chiastolites ( Crystals of Andalusite containing cross-shaped inclusions of carbon. Common in some metamorphic rocks. Found in England, Australia, Arizona and Ca.) that I got on a trip to Mariposa last Sunday.







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Do you know if the chiastolites take a polish? Very cool looking stones

Sorry Steve...I don't know if they will polish up well or not. I plan to try using the lapidary equipment at the Calaveras gem and mineral clubhouse.

Here is a link to a video I just finished that shows the chiastolites:

Happy Hunting,


P.S. I really like your jewelry!

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I tried doing up some cabochons many years ago and did not have much luck in getting a good polish on them. They are quite fascinating with no 2 being alike. I did a little search to see if something new was out there and came up empty-handed except for this link. I cannot get the link to work without a cut/paste direct to your browser. Hope that it works and gives you a little information.


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