Specific Ground balance

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Yes! When I was in Brazil, there was a patch aptly named "Red Dirt from Hell" No Matter what, I could not ground balance my 4000. I tried the Specific GB and it worked great! Have not needed any other place so far.

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Yep, the area I was in did not need SPECIFIC, I was just playing with the detector and wanted to try it. The part I don't understand yet is why the initial specific ground balance must be done with the GB switch and not the Quick-Track button, I always thought the Quick-Button switch was hard wired.

My only guess is that the Quick-Button switch is switching modes via software....... anybody know?

So if you are setup in SPECIFIC GB, can you re-ground balance with the quick-track button or does that only work in GENERAL GB?


Tony Teixeira

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Once I had my beeper balanced in Specific, I did not have to re-balance again so I can't answer the question........ I have the feeling that sensitivity is sacrificed, but worth it when needed. Just like using Quiet........

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