Purchasing Gold Concentrates

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Greetings to all,

While at the Denver gold show this past weekend (3/4 May), I purchased several inexpensive bags of concentrates to use to demonstrate panning to a group of kids I teach. When I mentioned I had made a couple of purchases in the past from a well know individual who sells "gourmet gold paydirt," this person was not that impressed and made a couple of remarks about complaints he had heard. I am interested as to whether any of you reading this post have had any dealings - good, bad, or indifferent with any purchases of concentrates you might have made, particularly if you purchased any "gourmet gold. I personally made these purchases during the winter months as here in Colorado when winter hits, the places to prospect and under a few inches to a few feet under snow. I am sure there are those of you who will frown and make comments about not braving the weather and going out and looking for the yellow stuff rather than pan for it in the warmth of a garage. I realize most of those people who offer concentrates, paydirt, or whatever you want to call it, put regular dirt and or sand in bags and salt with fines, flakes, pickers, and possible a nugget, but the costs are sometimes pretty steep. Thanks, and looking forward to replies.


PS: If you would rather not reply to this post, you can send me an email to wattersreliv@hotmail.com.

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I don't know who's in the pay dirt business these days but years ago I sold a lot of gold to a guy who bagged it up and sold it as dirt from a new hot spot. You are going to be paying $1200+ a ounce for that stuff. Here's the way it worked for me. At the end of the season I would go through all the gold and pick out anything that was porous, had quartz on it, wrong color, meaning not much gold in it maybe more sliver than gold and anything else that wasn't going to melt out good. In today's market that stuff would only bring $400 a ounce at best. the rest of the seasons gold would be sent to a refiner to be melted into bars of 999 and I would be paid spot for that day. The junk gold would end up in pay dirt bags at 1200 + a ounce. Good for the guy selling bad for the guy buying. Maybe its different now but that's the way it worked in my day. My suggestion, go out and get your own. Hell take the kids with you and set up a good recirculating sluice and let the kids get their own gold. They'll love you for it. AL.C

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For those of you who would like to buy some Gold Concentrates I'm selling them. These are not just sand with gold sprinkled on top these are real concentrates. They are a full clean up nothing picked out or added. Unless I see a big nug I might take that :P . This is California Mother Load Gold. There isn't gonna be much for pickers its mostley just flake gold but lots of it. If anyone wants any let me know through PM thanks guys.

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