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I have been out of touch for awhile. I e-mailed Elly but have not got a response back. I had a life membership in the club. Is my money lost or is there hope of recovering any of it.


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Thats what is bugging me about this whole dilemma. Everyone keeps trying to smooth it over by adding that the unsold claims are still available to the member. Well, How in the hell is the member suposed to know which claims are still available to prospect on if there are no more contacts for the clubs officers, No Website, No anything??? Who is going too let them know when a club claim sells???

At this point it really does appear that there is no club anymore..its done , finished , your screwed!

This Elly lady seems to have disappeared...WTF!!

If you really do some good homework throught the recorders office, you might find out at least which claims that have not sold. I`ll bet the claims that are left proper are a free for all though. Anybody and their grandma could probably go on them.

I feel bad for the members, but that is the risk you take I guess.

General Information File ID 355095

Description Trade Name

Status Active


Address 1 PO BOX 1351


State AZ

ZIP 85332-

Phone 928-427-0011


Domestic Begin Date 10/13/2005

Registered Date 11/9/2005

Agent/Owner Information Agent ID Type Fullname Address City State ZIP Phone

616783 Owner ELINOR L LOFTIN PO BOX 1351 CONGRESS AZ 85332- 928-427-0011

Registration Information Received Amended Assigned Expiration Cancelled Revoked

11/9/2005 11/9/2010

Correspondence History Description Date Printed Filmed Loc. No. Page No. Pages

Application 11/9/2005 11/9/2005 12:05:09 PM

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