Better than the Treasure Magazines

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A lot of treasure hunters subscribe to all the treasure magazines and read them cover to cover every month.

Ironically, many of these treasure hunters are ignoring the FREE resource that might give them a much better chance at recovering valuable targets - their local library!

My latest podcast (internet radio show) is full of tips on how to use your local library to zero in on rich, local hunting grounds.

If you're serious about getting beyond new coins in the local schoolyard, click the pink button here:

And please post your response back here after you've listened - your notes help make the show better.

---Dan Hughes,

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Because despite how great that Live album is, their Studio albums, like Quadrophenia, Whos Next, and Who Are You, are better?

I'm not sure what this has to do with the original note (or treasure hunting at all), but I think their first three albums (My Generation, Happy Jack, and The Who Sell Out) were the best, period.

Believe it or not, I saw them perform in about 1965 as the opening act for....Herman's Hermits!


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