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Yo All...This is somewhat off topic, except that it relates not only to our prospecting rights, but all rights...This is a documentery approximately two hours long that shows the puppet masters behind Barrack Huissan Obama...What their intentions are and why it's almost too late to do anything about it...It is truely terrifying...I was and remain stunned by it...You'll never watch the news the same again...Pass it on to everyone you know...PLease....Ron

The Obama Deception

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Uncle Ron,

Thanks for the link thats some eye opening sh-t, I didn't drink the kool-aid as millions of others have and will definately pass the link on.

When "O"no was running for Pres. I googled obama youth and was shocked at what I found - It was very Hitler-esk. My parents both grew up in the 20's and went thru the depression, my Dad and Uncles who fought in WW-II all commented recently how worried they are about where America is heading. My Mom & Dad even apoligized for what America has become and where we are heading. I couldn't believe they apoligized! Looks like WE need to step up to the plate and take our Country back, it won't be easy as long as people are more interested in who is America's next Idiot, I mean idol and other b/s mindless tv shows, rather then pay attention to what our alledged leaders are doing to us or where they are taking us.

Take care, watch yer back & keep on beepin - Frosty

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ron, thanks for the link, it is very teriffying to watch but true. more people should see the video's and just maybe people will wake up. i have sent this to all the people that i can and i asked them to forward to help it grow. thanks much ron. god help us and god bless america. ron

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Hi all,

Ron, I was a little concerned from the lack of feedback regarding this subject, either from utter shock and don't know quite how to respond, or simply the folks don't give a rip.

I would prefer to believe the former.

In any case, thanks for posting it here!

Cuz Gary

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Watching this just infuriates me. It is absolutely unbelievable how stupid, and easily duped people can become. Most people don't see the truth through the smoke and mirrors. They believe the facade that's put up. I have been saying throughout the whole election and this whole mess with our economy that the elite were responsible for the driving up the price of oil to bring the economy down in order to win back the White House and this video validates that. I think one of the reasons there are so little responses to this is that most folks are overwhelmed and just don't know where to go with it to do anything about this situation. You can't get anything on the main stream media because this same elite controls them also. One thing I have thought that's been going on for a long time is the dummying up of the school system throughout this country. Dummy up the school system and you dummy up the students. Ignorant people are much easier to lead by the nose.

Where to go with this is the million dollar question.

Take care everyone, Wes.

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