Gold Basin trip

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Decided to go into the desert today (Saturday 16th) and try for half a day out in the sun. Didn't find what I was looking for, left Gold Basin 12:30 pm. Temp was 97 degrees with a 5 knot wind. I spooked something out of the bushes and this came out. He was not able to fly...still grounded. I think he is a Red tail Falcon.


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'Google' up 'Images' of "Sparrowhawk, or American Kestrel". :)


It's looks more like a American Kestrel now that you mention it...Wikipedia says, The American Kestrel is the only North American falcon to habitually hover with rapid wing beats, keeping its head motionless while scanning the ground for prey. Kingfishers and hummingbirds are the only other birds that I can find on the net that can hover. There were a pair of falcons hovering overhead eyeballing me as I took the zoom picture of the youngster. Assuming that was it's parents it has to be an American Kestrel. It was hard to get a good look at them, they were in the sun...Pretty smart! has ID it as a American Kestrel

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Yep, and it is a Male Kestrel, also called a Sparrowhawk. A true falcon, has the notched beak. The parents will keep feeding the bird. Nice picture Guido.

Thanks Acronn...Guido...

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