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Just a question here.

I have noticed at least 3 used NF Advantage coils on Ebay ( 2x 12" elliptical mono's and 1x 14 elliptical mono) in just the last 2 weeks plus the one that Don had for sale on this forum, compared to 1 Gold stalker on Ebay in the same two weeks.

Does this tell me anything?

I was holding out waiting to order an Advantage coil, but now I'm not so sure.

If their not making it in the testing ground how would they work here?

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The new NuggerFinder "Advantage" coils are a little hard to get a hold of... even over here in Australia.

I've seen a couple of them on sale by the same seller on EBay (who is also a real-world detector dealer). These are new coils with full warranty so I don't see anything to be worried about as they're attracting bids. If anything, they're a little hard to obtain from the supplier. This dealer is selling all sorts of NF coils so this should not indicate a dislike of the product.

A chap I know who is a professional nugget hunter has just purchased a 17" Mono-Elliptical from the Advantage range... and he's on his way to test it for three months in Western Australia which is just starting to cool down. Even Johnathan Porter said that he purchased a smaller 12" Advantage coil the other day. I purchased one a couple of weeks ago when they arrived in the store (the large 24" Elliptical Advantage Coil) and am just ITCHING to get out there and try it out for the purpose of a review! I own some Coiltek coils as well so there's no bias here. With all the new features and a new shielding on the LITZ wire, I'm hoping for some good results. Improvements to the case materials and construction will only show themselves after more time has elapsed but I'm confident that they ought to make a big difference to the lifetime of the coil. As for sensitivity and depth... ask me later. It's raining here for a few days and winter is creeping closer each day (Grrrrrr!).




just as soon as the rain stops and I can free up some time.... I'll get out there and try it out.

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  • Admin

Hey Guys,

When it comes to searchcoils everyone is trying to get your business (just being honest). I have used them all and they have advantages and disadvantages. Minelab's new Commander series are "bulletproof." However, being bulletproof means they are heavier when you get the larger coils. Some really like the added weight and solid coils for pushing through thick grass.

Coiltek has always been my long time favorite. Yes I was one of the first US Coiltek dealers, but I'm not being bias at all. I feel overall they offer the entire package. They are reliable, back their products like no other and make very consistant coils. Some manufactures and can 10 coils and have a couple of good ones, while the other eight are way out of wack!

I have owned some of the original NF coils and they were very light (fiberglass ones). However, I felt they were too fragile for my use. The newer NF coils I'm sure will be great.

I strongly suggest you have at least one of each to judge. They all have various sizes and configurations.

Just my thoughts,

Rob Allison

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