Lil' Nug from a Mini-patch

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Yo All...A few days ago I got back on a patch that's produced some very distinctive gold that looks like it just fell off the vein, but it's very scattered ... I've also found a few meteorites in the area too....This little .6 grammer I found in a 2 foot square red patch of dirt with a couple of "compass cacti" growing out of it...All the rest of the ground around it was a barren grey, but this little red patch popped just this little guy...Bears out the old prospectors' tip of looking for the ring of barrel cactus in a red patch...That tip's got me quite a few nuggets over the years...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah




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Hey Ron,

Congrats on the new nugget addition. It's amazing how some of those red patches can produce nuggets and even good patches, but I've also hunted hundreds of them that don't have a single nugget around.

Wishing you much more success.

Rob Allison

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Nice one Ron, I've been dreaming about this hillside placer that I had pulled several nice nuggets out of in the past, I know its still there and its far from empty.........Geo

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