Happiness is the skunk in my rearview mirror

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That's a beauty Chris. 18 inch round Gold Stalker, hard to find a coil that will go deeper.


Got out for a few hours this afternoon and managed to kick the skunk to the curb.

He's at RP if anyone needs a pet.

Round Goldstalker 18" GPX4500 15" deep



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For some really silly reason the “Lone Ranger†comes to mind…..you know Silver Bullets…..slugs!

Heck, throw in a dose of “Sky King and Penny†flying the Skunk back home and you got a real winner with Discovery Channel :lol:

Very nice find Chris and WTG.


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When I first "heard" the target it was at the end of the swing arc. Just enough of a signal to warrant further investigation. Once I swung over the target it became that soft "french

horn" sound that tells me "gold". So I decided to get a few other coils and my GP3000 and see if this GPX and Goldstalker combo was worth it's salt. It was a very windy day the

kind of day that has allot of atmospheric EMI I thought it would be a good time to test the GPX's strong points.

The first combo I tried on the GPX a NF17" EM, no target. Next a Coiltek 12"x24 mono still no target. Then a NF 25" mono very noisy, you could pick the target

out but the coil would be very fatiguing to use with that noise level. Then on to the GP3000 with all of the coils except the 25". The threshold was warbling like a bird. You could

here the target with the 18" Goldstalker but putting up with the threshold noise would be a huge chore.

Without the GPX4500's smooth threshold, the 18" round Goldstalker's super depth, and the HipStick's hidden feature, increasing the length of the swing arc. That 3.1 gram nugget

would still be taking a dirt nap.


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