litter bug's busted

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This is an email I sent to my County District Attorney. The 3 were found and fined $2000 for littering and face a fine of $25,000 for water pollution.

It nearly gaged me when I went back and cleaned up the campsite. I hope the foul pigs get fined to the max!

Hello Mr Shirley,

On Sunday the 24th of May I witnessed 3 men leaving a camp site on Star

creek. They left a camp fire burning, trash and several piles of feces. 3 feces

piles were within 2 feet of the creek. I went back down the canyon to catch up

with the 3 men. Near the bottom of the canyon I caught up with there dark red

Chevy Astro van NV license # 124 WAP. They were stopped on the road talking

with another camper. I pulled up along side there van (passenger side) and

asked the men if they would go back and put out the fire and clean up the site.

They cursed me and told me to "mind your own business". Since there is no cell

phone service in that area I went to the Star Creek Ranch to use there phone to

call the Sheriff and make a complaint.

I'd like you to look into this matter and let me know if they can

be prosecuted for leaving an open fire, littering and water pollution.

Thank you

Chris Porter




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Thats awesome nvchris.....The I certainly hope that good deed will reward you with gold later.

It really is a wonder people like that can even function in society.....major scumbags for sure! Its people like that that are to dumb to know how stupid they are... :blink:

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Good onya' mate! This is absolutely the kind of "crap" (no pun intended) that brands all of us with a bad name. There is a misconception that it is the GREENIES that protect and love the outdoors and the wild. That's bull, it is those of us who use and enjoy and live in the great out of doors that are the people who really appreciate it. We are the guardians, because it is us that have the most to lose.


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Hopefully bozo's such as those you ran across will be fined to the max. Ol'Smokey the Bear (and I) thank you for your fire safety.

Take care watch your back and keep on beeping - Frosty

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WTG nvchris.....

I’ve run into this type crap, pun intended, more times than I can mention after the fact of those making the mess. Some of these occasions for me go as far back to the 70’s.

The mind set of these people amazes me.....a bag of aluminum beer / soda cans hanging on a tree limb for others to “pack†out! (yea they will make a buck or two).....a fire pit loaded down with ash and unforeseen garbage inside! (I cleaned out a few and hauled the unburned bottles and cans home, helped pay for gas).....and “crapping†next to a river? Well, if the peace and serenity of the flowing water allows for a good “movementâ€, it can still be taken home and disposed of without leaving the stained white doilies behind as proof of deposit!

A short Story.....

In my younger years in Colorado, after some before-hand Quasi Motto research on my part during the 70's, I took my girlfriend at that time to my “discoveryâ€, only to find paper plates, napkins and all sorts of wind blown picnic trash scattered through out the area, which came from an un-maintained FS / BLM trash container 200yds away and blown uphill. We picked up every scrap, she dissented yet helped, and I burned everything in a very large “prospect hole†while making sure I didn’t burn down the forest.

So much for that girlfriend. The extra bottle of wine under my car seat wouldn’t stop the verbal abuse I endured on the way home. I gotta add, we dated for one(1) year prior to this incident and, dating / interest stopped there after!

Again WTG B)


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