throwing in the towel

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The last month has been as tough as it gets chasing the yellow rocks. Its been hotter than hell everyday for a month. I'm tired of the sweat burning my eyes and the skin being burned off my body following that 4500 around one step at a time. I try to get at least 30 hours a week in, but I've had it. I'm throwing in the towel and the 4500 for cool days and cooler nights. I'm packing up the GB2 and heading for one of my claims over in southern Oregon. There, there is shade and gold. There I hope to find some nuggets and let the hide heal up on my body. If nothing else, I can set by the stream with my feet in the water and read a good book. I'll yap at you fellers in a couple of weeks. AL. C

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Well good luck to you Al: I was raised in Brookings Oregon, a small town 7 miles north of the California border

at the mouth of the Chetco River.

I have heard rumors that there is a lot of mining activity going on now and I plan

on taking a long trip up to the area later in the summer to see if I can find a strange

10 lb nugget I threw away as a 12 year old kid..don't forget the great trout fishing in the

creeks!!!--- :rolleyes:

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