I'm Back Grubstake

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Hey Gary,

The forums have been pretty dead lately without your input.

Hope you are feeling good with this nice warm weather.

It is pretty warm up here. Makes the nuggets grow faster too...


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  • Admin

Hey Grubstake,

Welcome back to the forums. We sure missed you and your postings. I had a couple of old PC's here, but they were too outdated and required too much work to get them back to speed.

Have you been out nuggetshooting since you've been away from the forums?

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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No,no detecting ROB. Wife and I had that new flu, and I was down for 25 days with it. I haven't hit a lick in three months. But I'm going too! soon I hope. My heart is giving hell right now. Not sure whats up, but the DR. said to get my affairs in order,just in case. They don't think I can stand another one like the last one I had. too much heart damage. But I may fool them yet! Grubstake

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