7 nuggets and a snake visit my camp

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Greetings to all from venezuela.

I am writing to tell you that last week I went to a site where they had previously found 70 grams of gold. (photo 1).

were my father, a friend and me. 3 people total. (Photo 2 is me.

work in the area for 7 days but this time not so lucky and we could only find only 7 nuggets (13 grams of gold). (Photo 3)

throughout our work is more interesting was a 4-gram nugget that was under a quartz rock (depth of approximately 35 centimeters), hear a slight buzz going colitek goldstalker the 18 x 12 on the rock and the raised and lowered her was the nugget. (Photo 4)

interersante other event was the visit of a snake in our camp. (Photo 5).

Please I need any of you recommend a flexible solar charger (for battery gpx-400).

is important if you had any experience with solar charger that is totally portable, flexible and super lightweight to carry on long hikes over several days






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Marcos: set the camera to jpg, email, or vga settings, which make a vastly smaller file. one doesn't lose much resolution, and the smaller imprint allows a lot more photos in your memory.

Marcos- Afina la camera a tomar fotos puestos en jpg, email, o vga, que da buena resolución, pero con uso menos de memória. Aunque estén menos grande de bits, se ven igual, y no se pierden vista visible del foto. Aparte, su chip de memoria puede guardar mas fotos- 10 hasta 50 veces mas

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