Moore Creek

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My 2nd annual Moore Creek adventure is set to begin early next week. As many of you recall, I posted a comprehensive recap of last years journey and will do the same again this year. I'm gone the whole 2 weeks, so info won't hit the net until late June. Last year I had a little over 9 oz for two weeks effort. That sounds like a lot, but there were several days when the skunk had a firm grip on my posterior and I was downright discouraged. I busted my hump on several occasions and my 55 yr old bones were crying for rest. I'll miss having Rob and Dennis around camp for comic relief.

I have to acknowledge my benefactors because without them this years trip would not be possible.

Ken P., despite having abused my credit card and girlfriend with that London scam, really kept the pressure on me to make this years trip. He pushed all the right buttons and offered some generous incentives. A finer prospecting friend would be hard to find.

Nuggethunting Rob A. has been more than generous for the loan of critical equipment.

Leigh in Australia has taken the time and effort to send over some Aussie equipment to test.

Steve H. for making it all possible and holding my spot.

My sister for providing lodging for winter prospecting and temporary homelessness.

Last, but not least is my dear old gray haired Mom. Recognizing that this brutal stock market had taken a toll on my retirement and discretionary spending, combined with a tsunami in my personal domestic harmony, she graciously offered to pay for the trip. I'm still her baby boy, no matter how old and gray I start to appear.

I have been truly blessed with good friends and good family. The rest is all icing on the cake.

Look out Moore Creek! Here I come.


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SDF - I am sure you will beat the 9oz. mark without a doubt. Good luck with your top secret Australian product testing lol.

(everyone else) I have detected (and dredged) with SDF a few times and I will tell you he is Hard Core! The guy can run circles around me and he has more than 20 years on me.

When we went Dredging I was planning on taking it piece by piece to the river, well I was changing my clothes and turned around he had the whole damn dredge on his back!! and was on his way down a steep slope to the river. And when he says he is going to go scout out an area to detect he is not kidding.. one minute he is next to me and the next he is a little speck way the hell up the side of a BIG mountain 1000ft up. Amazing.

Good luck SDF, though I don't think you will need it, you are one of those kind of guys who makes their own good luck... by hard work.


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hello and goodluck iam new here and just lurking and reading and learning from all of you gold hunters what Moore creek the one in calif. or alaska? i will be doing some gold dredging this year been a long time from my last dredging trip but with the price of gold and the fever i get it bad :) and still looking for my frist nugget small or big. anyways GL can't wait to see how well you did. jeff

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Hey Stephen! I remember your great posts of your visit to MC... Will be there for week one so probably see you in Anchrage... Talk to you then. Gaine

I'll see you at Moore Creek on Wed. We had trouble booking the middle leg of the trip and will arrive McGrath a day early. I'll miss sleeping in the concourse at Anchorage Intl this time. Real restful in there with a bejillion tourist salmon fisherman.

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