Argus German Detector goes 3.5 meter!???

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Argus GD 5005 B (German): Is it the Mercedes or BMW of Detectors or....

They look and sound good according to their website but i am no expert.

They say that they go down to 3.5 meter with a diameter 280mm coil and deeper with monster coils (biggest coil:2 by 1 meter!).

The discrimination is suppose to be awesome....

They cost Euro 4000. An even better version (GD 5005 C) costs Euro 5800 (only visible on german language side).

Might be a 'mission' to dig 3.5 meter holes!!!

Can someone enlighten me (and others).

Has someone got any experience with one.

Can someone check the theory behind them out.

The website is (click english language version, little english flag in top right hand corner).

Cheers. AL.

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I could believe 3.5 meters on a Mercedes. I was asked and found a buried Cadillac with a Minelab a little deeper than that.. :D AzNuggetBob

Cool! I bet that had an interesting story behind it.

I found these buried Cadillacs a few years back, but I used a Texas road map not a detector...BigGoldTooth.gif


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  • Admin

Hello All,

Bob - I have no plans on giving up the Minelab dealership. Funny, every couple of years you will see some type of detector like this pop up. The only thing I look forward to is what will Minelab do on the next PI metal detector. :huh:

To be perfectly honest, I don't want anymore depth. I would rather see better immunity to EMI in certain locations or better iron discrimination.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Cheers folks, so its not the Mercedes but the Lada of detectors.

Not one word about ground mineralisation and what they do about it

I might give em a email and a 'mouth full'.

Good to keep em ownest.

Their website in english is also not as comprehensive as the one in german so they are not that serious about the english speaking market.

And i've seen f..k all germans posting on goldforums, so what do they know.

I DO like the 3D display in colour (just visible on the german language side).

Cheers, Al.

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Dam it better have a backhoe attached to it, going that deep :o:D + it sould come with some cribing to keep the hole from caving in on you :huh:


Hi mate, ....and that is with the 'small' coil.

With the big coil at 2 by 1 meters it's suppose to go down to 10 meters!!!???

For that price, it should have to come with a 4WD mercedes to drag it around.


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Some superb gems on the Argus GD website:

"With the futuristic

programming and the additional programming port, the software can be adapted to

cope with new problems in the future."

Germany has been slowly cranking out a lot of metal detectors over the years and a great many of these have been reliant of VERY old technology and hardware. Some are virtually LRLs. Up until now, they've been touting Ground Penetrating Radar as the holy-grail of nugget hunting ... and yet GPR is neither new nor is it particularly effective unless searching for large buried caches. Certainly not particularly useful on gold nuggets.

I've found a large fraudulent network of German based detectors being peddled around the world via fake reports and forged documents. Some of which had set up their own 'independent' laboratories to produce "non biased reports". One even set up their own production studio to produce treasure hunting documentaries to sell to the networks where their detectors were used in place of more conventional equipment.

/Not convinced there's anything innovative coming out of Germany just yet.

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Rob. You are right. We don't need more depth unless it comes with a 100% reliable full depth discriminator. I've dug those rusty buckets at 3 feet and don't want to dig that deep again unless I know it's gold. I would also like to see ALL the EMI gone in ALL timings without sacrificing sensitivity. I probably won't see these things in my lifetime but a youngster like you might. I'm still puzzled why not one company has applied the resources to develope a detector that will even kick a 2100s butt.----BOB

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