Battling EMI on the GPX-4500

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Hello All,

The last couple of weekends I just can't seem to keep my Minelab GPX-4500 quiet anymore. It has seemed to get worse over the last year, but I've been hesitant to send it to Minelab USA, Inc. for a repair. It's to the point now where it don't matter what setting or timing I'm in, it's very bad!

Has anyone had a Minelab GPX-4500 with a serial number fewer than 100 and sent it back in to Minelab USA? Did the unit come back quieter than before?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Rob Allison

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My Son sent his in for the recall,and it has not ran right since.

He has sent it back 3 times since and every time it comes back running

worse than before.

You can tune and balance it,and in just minutes ,it will start warbling,and

falsing so bad,you can't use it.

Before he sent it in for the recall,it was the quietest ,and smoothest running

machine we have had. Also it was getting gold deep and small.

As a matter of fact it is at the Minelab place now,for the fourth time.

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Hey Sawmill,

That is the exact reason why I haven't sent it in yet. I have heard horror stories about people getting back their GPX-4500's and they run much worse. I have heard a few guys mention their units are much more stable now, but make me wonder if they are still getting the same performance (depth/sensitivity) for the quieter unit now ....

Flak - Have you noticed any loss in performance after the fix?

Thanks for your comments. Hoping to hear more input.

Rob Allison

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Rob. I'm on my second control box and it was in the recall range so I sent it in . It came back working fine to my amazement after they botched my first control box so bad that it wouldn't work at all . It seems to be getting noisier the last few times out with lots of spikes and chirps. I'm on my 3rd battery too. Anyone who is having problems with the service department at Minelab USA should talk to Trina at ext#14 . She assured me that she will personally see to it that repairs are done properly if she is made aware that there is a problem. She also assured me that the serious problems in the repair department were being fixed. I think that the technology has gotten so advanced that it's all way over a repair technicians head. I also think that the technology requires precision components that have to be perfect and the perfect components aren't avalable. The parts they are using seem to deteriorate over time also. It's a fantastic machine when working right , but is fraught with problems. The recall repair should be simple since they have done hundreds of them , but they seem to mess other things up when they put them back together. Tell them not to spray anything on the control box. There was some kind of slimy oily shit on my box when it came back and it collects dirt like a magnet. I've cleaned it 3 times and it just seems to come back. I hope I've reassured you but if the detector isn't working right you have no choice. I see from reading the Australian forums, that the service department over there is having a hard time getting them right too. Some come back better than ever, and some come back with problems and have to go back in again. I haven't said much because I thought that I was having bad luck, but it sounds like I'm not alone. I know that there is a serious problem with the batteries, because when they couldn't fix my first one they didn't have any in stock to replace it, and recently I tried to order a spare and they were out of stock again. They can't even keep up with replacements. It was the first 1200 that were suspect by the way. My first control box was in the 700s and the second is in the 800s. ----Bob

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From Bob's comments I seem to be one of the lucky ones (so far).

My 4500 has been least as quiet as it was

before it started getting weird and I decided to send it in.

I think Bob's opinion about the complexity of the machines

and the lack of knowledge of the repair personnel is well said.

I always recheck the outside of the box after it comes back,

for loose fittings etc.

But for now, 4500 #11 seems to be working as advertised.


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Hi Rob

I talked with Bill at minelab USA last week for the 4500 i just picked up well under # 100 he said the upgrade has not been done on my unit and only a few that has come in really need the upgrade but if you send it in with nothing wrong they still do the upgrade keep us informed how it comes back for now i will wait for mine is very quiet and smooth took it out yesterday for the first time very nice even found a few nuggets

good luck


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