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Oh, I'm here! Just been doing, honey do's and taking the wife and myself to DRS. Lots of stuff going on in my family, my son-in law is gettingready to go to Afganastan in the next month, and they are coming here for his leave soon. He's in a Calvery recon unit as a sniper. + my 86 year old mother-in law we take care of has been in need of attention also. But I'm here! Grubstake

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Heres a good story, that happened about 1990, while I was working as manager at Baby Rec. on the Merced river. I would work Wendsday thur Sunday, giving me two days off a week, Mondays and Tuesdays, My uncle and Jim Owens and a friend that lives in ID. Had some slack time, so they came over for a 4 day weekend. On Sat. and Sunday, they were running the 4 inch dredge, on Monday and Tuesday we went detecting. I knew a spot about two miles up from the campgrounds, where they did some mining back in the 1800's, so we got up eary on Monday and started walking up to that spot.

Well when we got up there, you could see where they worked, and we all headed off in different directions to see what we could find, Jim was useing a Fisher 1280, Jerry was using a Garrett and my uncle was also using a Garrett, I was using a Tesoro Eldorado.

After about an hour into the hunt, I found a place, that was drawing me to it, I don't know, I just had a funny feeling, There was big cobble piles, and on Giant Pine tree, that was about 8 ft accross, and the pine tree, kept calling me.

I started to hunt around the pine tree, making ever widening circles, soon, I got a hit that blew my headphons off, it was in a big coble pile, I dug down about two ft. Well I tell ya. I was so happy I about feel over. I uncovered a 5 gal. Lard can with a lid on it, it took me about 10 minutes to get it out, I opened it up, the lard can was full of old stuff, old minig stuff, I yelled to my Uncle and to Jim, I said: where theres one! Theres More!, so we started to search, In about a nother hour, we had found 5 cans, total, all with personal stuff inside, from the 1800's. Made our day. We carried the stff out, and I ended up giving most of it to the Mariposa Minig Muesem. Heres some of it. It was a great hunt. Grubstake I'll add that we haven't been back in there, I'm sure there is prob. more stuff to be found, with my heart like it is, it would have to be a slow, over night trip for me. I'm sure I could make it, its about 4 miles from the Bagby Bridge, and its on the north side. someday, when its cooler, I'll go back and see what the Minelabs can find. I know we missed some things, I can feel it calling me. Grubstake

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Yeah Gary that is a good story. Never know what you will find with a metal detector. Everybody be safe out there today, Tuesday night my daughter called, said "got in a car crash just a minute ago" well, to make it short she was very fortunate, the car was a total wreck. She has a nasty bruise where the shoulder belt held her in, and also on her hips. If not for that and the air bag, it would have been a really bad accident! Happened at night, her boyfriend driving, not drinking or drugs but wasn't paying attention enough and ran across the yellow line, then the shoulder, then about 150' of brush and a drop without rolling it over, before hitting the tree.. SO I have a lot to be thankful for this 4th of July!


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