Beautiful nuggets

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Gaine. I'm still using my ancient Canon A-70 which the guy at the camera shop put the settings in for me. I've never changed them because I know I'd mess it up. I understand what the settings do on my detector , but have no clue what they do on a digital camera.

Ron. I'm hoping for some bigger ones with that type of character in this new area.

srferjo714. Fishing is how I take my breaks from detecting . Trouble is , it doesn't pay near so well unless your good enough to be competitive on the tournament circuit.----Bob

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Hey Montana,

Great looking nuggets with good character. Chris came out and met up with me this weekend. We found about a dozen nugget total, but nothing to write home about. Most of them were pretty small in size.

Wishing you much more luck at the new location.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hey Bob!

Those are some nice little friends you picked up! Glad to hear that you are having fun up there! Don't get spoiled with the cool weather!

My younger son will be up there towards the middle of July after he returns from Nepal. He is on a research project with one of his Profs and then will go up to the university's geology and geophysics field camp for the rest of the summer.

They are going to have to get him out of the Himalayas first! lol

Be safe and catch a lot of fish........and remember the size limit only applies to the fish! Don't throw the small nuggets back!



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