Should I try to return this ring AGAIN?

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How far should a treasure hunter go to return lost property?

In this podcast (internet radio show you can listen to anytime on your computer), I tell the story of how I found a class ring and located the now-distant owner. And then, because the owner never got back with me to make arrangements to receive the ring, I lost the owner.

What, if anything, should I do now?

Listen to the story and then tell me what you think.

Click the pink button on the podcast page:

After you've listened to the story, please hit the COMMENTS link on the podcast page and post your thoughts there. Your advice will help me decide.

Thank you!

---Dan Hughes

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As far as the response in the first place, people forget things, forget to call, lose contact information, etc.

Obviously you are a pretty responsible person/detectorist, and agonize over this each day for 12 years or so.

Contact the school or school district again, and have them contact the owner or parents. Give it another try and them, another shot. Tell them you want $100 finders' fee (when people have to pay out money, they're more likely to act or be motivated to follow through). While you don't really have to take the $100, you could also take it and make a donation to the school in her name, making it a 3-way win.

If, after all that, no bites, then the best next thing would be to sell it on Ebay or someplace and get rid of it and out of your life. Find some other nice ring to take its place when talking to detector students. that way you can share the detecting experience, and not feel guilty or remorse over not making a 3rd or more effort at returning something that the actual owner may not want back.

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