Rain, Rain & more Rain

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Hey Rob & Co.

I'm about ready to grow gills here in Colo. with all the rain we have had lately? Not sure because I haven't watched the weather forecast but are you getting alot of rain down there? If you are has it blown out areas so you find more of the elusive yellow metal? Anybody doing any dredging? Just curious.

Take care & watch your back, keep on beeping - Frosty

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Frosty. Not much rain down here in the Bradshaw mountains. A sprinkle today , a stray thunderstorm a few days ago. No water running from it. Barely wet the ground. We know how to run a desert down this way. We had enough during the winter and spring to keep the fire danger way down though. We're right in the middle of what is usually our fire season , but there's only been a few small fires down toward Tucson. Hooray!! No forest closures this year.----Bob

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Hey Frosty So far we have had it pretty good this year. the heat is late, the rain has been minimal, all good for swinging. but its starting to build up. you can feel the monsoons and humidity warming up. when it rains here in monsoon season it pours. Im just down the hill from the Bradshaws more towards the flats were it is a lot more sand. Dredging is limited. It can be raging flood one minute and dry in an hour. the water runs under the sand for some time in many creeks but you have to dig down to it and recirculate in the hole. (desert dredging) but hey with all the rain your getting just think about all that gold that is washing out of the hills. Take care AznuggetBob

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