Ken's Monster

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After dinner I will write the true story of Ken's monster nugget, a fair amount of coincidence, luck and patience to be sure. I was there for the digging and just about crapped my pants when that thing came out of the hole. I'm the good lucking one in the photo, Ken is the tall one.



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The name of the nugget is the SDF birthday nugget; number 55 I recall. Bryan, it was very near the area where you dug 2 nuggets and I found one a couple of days prior. No new push. Nothing beats luck. kp

Ken, was it in the hole I started to dig right before I left? I thought I had a really light signal but SDF could not hear it with his detector, and after digging about 18 inches of hard packed dirt I could not get a better signal so I stopped.??

Remember Ken, I said that spot was hot and I should just start digging the the whole area, I sure wish I would have trusted my instincts now, and started digging. Did you find a bunch more the second week after the big one? I'm sure it was hard to stop thinking about that moment, after a 32 oz chunk of gold came out of the hole.


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