Skunk off my back another 1/2oz for the poke

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Well Luckylundy has been trying to get me to go out for two or three weeks but I haven't been able to go. Seems my wife wants me to work and my kids act like I should pay attention to them so I have been stuck at home. Well today I said screw it I'm going and I'm glad I did. Just bought a 18" commander mono coil and wanted to give it a try. I was pleased with it. I was able to pick up boot tacks few inches down and lots of small iron that I would have thought it wouldn't have gone off but it did.

So Lucky and I are beating the hell out of this old patch getting a target here and a target there but no gold to show for our efforts. Next to this rock I get a loud signal that overloads my coil and its a bullet. I shout to Lucky "Hey a bullet right next to these dig holes what gives" He says "Ya I have gone over that one but just thought it was trash". I'm a very firm believer in dig ever target you can ask anyone I hunt with. So I go to recheck the hole and low and behold I get another signal. Sounded like a square nail how they go from a low tone then high. So I thought it is a nugget or a nail as the nuggets that are fat and round seem to give this signal. Well about 10 inches later out pops this nice 10.6dwt slug. I have been skunked last two times out so it was nice to get him off my back. So I had to give Lucky a hard time for not digging all his signals and don't be getting lazy.

About 5' away I get another target and start to digging. I'm on my hands and knees cleaning out this hole and all the sudden from no where this damn mole the size of a rat comes charging at me. Man of man it scared the life out of me wasn't ready for that. He was coming at me for blood pissed little critter. I fell back from jumping out of my socks I look over at Rick and he gives me this what the hell is going on over there look. I scooped him up in my scoop and tossed him out of the hole to show Rick and he started laughing at me. All and all it was a great day way to hot but I was able to grab up a nugget and hang out with my gold hunting buddy so I was happy. Left by 10:00am so we only got the one nugget but a couple of laughes too.



The nugget


Todays nugget and the very nice 15dwt nugget Rick found on Fathers day


Couple of happy prospectors


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Yep, NuggetSlayer don't get out much...but when he does, you better be on your A-game. He is the King of 1/2 er's, because he digs all targets. He isn't telling a fib...I've dug more junk targets where he pulled that nugget out today than I care to think about in today's heat. He did buy me a cold drink for digging all that trash out for him on the way home. Good hunting Jeff, it's a nice one for the poke!


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Nice nugget! I just recently got into metal detecting for gold here near auburn. Where at in nor cal are you guys? It would be nice to meet some experienced sierra nugget shooters. There's alot of information on desert hunting but it seems most people stick to dredging and sluicing here in the motherlode and I would love to suck up any advise you might have if you don't mind.

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