Why are you still Hoarding Copper Cents?

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With todays Copper prices, a Copper cent is worth a Penny. Why are you still hoarding. For me, if I'm going to look over the old Copper for errors, I'm going to separate them and save them for a Rainy day. Who knows what next week is going to bring. Grin

A roll of copper cent(s) has 50 coins and is valued at $0.52 when copper is at $1.5543 / lb and zinc at $0.5202 / lb (exact value is $0.51511784094618).

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Hey Charlie, don't mean to disagree, but the change from 90% copper to zinc was in 1982. The 1982D cents were copper, the rest were zinc(COINage, Dec.1989) I have been collecting since 1988. Hendo B)

Okay. didn't/couldn't remember.

The day before yesterday I got an important letter. I put it somewhere where I wouldn't lose it. Now I can't remember where the 'don't lose it' place was. So pennies aren't the only issue...

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