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If i had property up there all you'd be hearing is blasting theres gold in them hills BIG GOLD! wish we could buy that prop up there coot :blink:

check yur mail driller yor a nice guy I'm gonna share it with you so maybe when i get to oz you'll show me yur patchs :blush:

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Be nice to be able to trace back a nugget that size to the source, ever had that kinda luck Grubstake ?

I am feening for a merced river run SOON maybe in a few weeks I hope, this might be the last year we LEGALLY get to dredge

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according to a Judge in san Francisco, all dredging is as of now stoped in Calif.. I don't think you will be able to dredge this year. Unless the court of apeals changes it. Grubstake

Here's a link to the ICMJ article about this injunction and the judges 14 page court order.....


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