Eight FREE Smart Point kits!

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Well they just came in… (8) Smart Point sockets available FREE to anyone that has the savvy to install them on their detector! I have connected the smart point to my detector and they fit! If you have an existing system using a phone jack 1/8 you can replace it with this socket, but you have to use a traditional stock Minelab gold button set up to use it! This is not a complete install kit. You still need the wires… The first (8) personal messages get the socket package…Included your address…One per person. PLEASE do not do a (AddReply) to get one of the smart points. Also please be careful installing them. Remember only two of the three pins on the smart point are hot…the third pin is not active. I include two splices and two zip ties. I was only able to get a total of ten smart points. I am keeping two of them and the smart points have not been obtained threw Minelab and the supply is exhausted. The reason I am doing this is my gratitude for everyone commitment for sharing information and ideas. Also PLEASE be careful on drilling into the control box…the end cap should be off, make sure no shaving go inside the box, blow out the inside control box with a can of air just to be sure. When you drill be sure that the socket placement will not interfere with closing the cap after installation! AGAIN drilling is the most critical part…Anyone modifying does so at their risk. If the is a big demand for these items I can try other avenues to obtain them…but I cannot keep doing this for free if there is a big demand. The eight individuals who obtain the smart points will have there names given to prove their is nothing dishonest happening here!

Review link http://www.nuggethunting.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6157 on installation…this is a guideline informative procedure.

Sincerely: Guido…


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Thanks for getting them Guido!

I really like the idea of switching control boxes out. This will give my 3000 a factory look and feel.


Hello NvChris...your Smart Point package is on the way...just dropped it off at the Post Office...I included some extra wire that I used on mine and also some heat shrink as well...Have fun...Guido...

PS I still have five kits left!!!

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That is mighty friendly of you Guido....

I have the Gold Button otherwise I would be sending you a PM. I`ll say Thank You anyway though.. B)

If you want to pursue Doc or Rob they may have them available for a price...your call...Thanks for the complement! Guido

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Hey Guido,

I received the smartpoint kit today in quick order. I was going to PM you, but I wanted everyone to know that you did what you said you would do. The people that did not take you up on your generosity (for whatever reason) may regret it. I for one sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks again Guido.


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I would like to acknowledge that I wrote I would post the people names who ask for the Smart Points to show that there was no BS going on here on my part. So... I thank NvChris, Grubstake, Adam, and Pondmn for taking me up on my offer for a Smart Point Kits...I do have five kits left and I will keep them on ice for an indefinite time frame. Again; I do thank everyone for there postings and I have learn allot from you all your experiences and I thank you all. Sincerely; Guido...

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