Best summer ever at Moore Creek

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Well, I'm back for a few days before taking off next Wednesday for another week. So I figured I make a short post for those curious about what is going on with Moore Creek.

First off, this summer was great. I now have roads accessing all tailing piles on the north side of Moore Creek and have got the bulldozer on top of them. The roads themselves cut the bases of the piles and so are productive also. Bottom line is we now have a huge amount of area to hunt. I bulldozed 8 or more hours a day keeping fresh ground available. This upped our average gold take considerably. Over 86 ounces of gold was found by 28 people in a two week period. Even discounting the 32.2 oz monster 54 oz of other nuggets were found in two weeks.

Weather was nice with nary any rain, and bugs were not bad compared to wetter years. The new water system was real nice. All in all everything went as well as can be, but what made it the best ever were the people. A nicer bunch of people could not be found anywhere than were at Moore Creek this summer. I can't overemphasize how much I appreciate that as all that keeps me personally coming back is everyone being fun to hang out with. A great big thanks from me to all of you for keeping it enjoyable.

We had potential buyers at the mine and they must decide yeah or nay very soon. I'm going prospecting from the 8th to the 15th and when I get back if they have not decided then I'll put a schedule up for next summer and start booking. Once I start booking any sale would would exclude next summers pay-to-mine as once I commit to it then as far as I'm concerned it's my gig and I'm not turning it over to anyone else.

For those that may be wondering we are not really trying to sell the mine per se. It is just that there is a price at which we are willing to walk away. But I've worked so hard to build the place to the point where it is I hate to walk now. In particular the long effort to obtain a lease on which to place cabins for visitor use appears finally to be coming to fruition and I'd really like to see that through to completion after working so long on it. With just a little luck we may have cabins to put people in next summer instead of tents. Once we get that done I'll feel like I've achieved everything I set out to do regarding the mine since we acquired it.

Anyway, that is where we are at the moment. I'll let eveyone know what's up after I get back of the 16th.

Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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Hey Steve before you go away again for awhile I want to know how many T.D.I.'s did you have lent out to customers and how did they fair as far as producing nuggets. ????

Thanks an good luck with your season ahead.

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Hi Steve! Another great week at Moore Creek... Thanks for running such a great operation and for making looking for gold so enjoyable...I sure wish I could have stayed longer. The week came to an end way too fast.

Wondering though, what kind of feedback you were getting from the prospective buyer? Was he impressed with what he saw and found? That huge nugget must have made him really take notice...

As for the cabins, I guess it would be a lot less work for you guys but I kind of enjoy sleeping in the tents. Being able to hear the sounds of the brook and birds kind of adds to the whole experience.

Thanks again and sure hope there is a next year... Mahalo!

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Hi Frank,

Most people had their own detectors but the TDIs did see some use. The biggest nugget found with one was just over an ounce the guys first nugget ever.

And Gaine,

Always a pleasure my friend. I ate the candy before I left the mine but I think I'll be having Hawaiian coffee tomorrow morning - Thanks!

They are seriously wanting to buy the mine and are supposed to make an offer very soon. We will see what it is as to how serious they are. Even if the mine sells the operation will continue, but of course under new management. If people preferred a tent I'm sure that would be no problem as the tents will still be there.

Steve Herschbach

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  • Admin

Hey Steve,

Sounds like the first couple of weeks have been a blast. Wow ... that 32.2 ouncer that Ken P. found was awesome! Just makes you wonder if there are any other big monster nuggets out there hiding that haven't been detected yet. :blink:

Wishing the rest of the guys the best of luck up there. Keep us updated if you would.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob,

Due to the recession the two weeks were all there was. We stayed an extra week to allow the potential purchasers time to evaluate the property plus find a little gold of our own. But there is currently nobody out at Moore Creek.

Have not seen the final figures yet but I think more gold was found at Moore Creek by visitors this summer than at Ganes Creek and we may have also beat them for largest nugget. Here is another picture of Ken's monster:


Steve Herschbach

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