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Hi Everyone

I have been prospecting now for 5yrs mainly in the WA gold fields,but did do some in Victoria,have managed 2 trips out this year so far,even though i live in Wa Im still 600ks from the gold,have done alright so far and enjoying every minute of it.

Planning another trip in about 3 weeks,got to get out there before it gets to hot.

I have just updated to a 4500 from a 3500 and just love this new machine.I have enjoyed some of the stories and pics on your forum,well done.

Ps Hi Doc Just spent 3 weeks out with Jackhammer,believe he is visiting over your way shortly,ask him about the fart machine LOL He was got big time.

Cheers for now Jon.

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Hi Jon, it just occurred to me that nobody welcomed you at all. Well, welcome to the forums:)

Thanks FearlessFreep for the welcome.

Hopefully i can add some stories and info on your forum,living on the Sth coast of Western Australia most of my prospecting is in the WA goldfields.

Heading out on Friday to a very very remote area in search of new ground,be away about 3 weeks,I will let you know how things went on my return.

Cheers for now Jon.

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G'day to ya Jon and welcome to the forum. Love to read accounts with pictures of successful gold hunts in the Land of OZ. Here's wishing you lots of luck on you upcoming hunt.


Hi Don & Rob

Thankyou for the welcome to your forum,

I havent met Doc or spoke to him on any of the forums yet,but have heard alot about him from Jackhammer (Scott).

Just wanted to get a message to Doc about how Jackhammer was got big time with the farting machine LOL,so he could rub it in as he is heading your way shortly and will be visiting Doc.

Heading out on Friday so hope to have some nice pics and gold on my return.

I spent 4 weeks out last trip with Jackhammer,picked him up at the Perth airport,he lives in Victoria Sth of the border (bloody mexican LOL)

We both had a sucessful trip and picked up 5oz,no big ones this time maybe next trip.We where both useing 4500 for the first time so suppose it wasnt to bad.

He's comeing over here again next year GOD help us,see what i can line up for him this time.

Cheers for now everyone talk more on my return,got lots to do.


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