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I just bought a 4" dredge and can use it in some of the places near me, but in the National Forest where Tellico, Coker Creek, and other creeks in it restrict the nozzle opening to 3". I bought the swivel nozzle but also have the standard nozzle that came with the dredge. Most people here just hammer the standard nozzle down to a 3" diameter opening. (They only have to go about 1/4").

Is there a way to build an adapter for the swivel nozzle. With the round ring in the front I don't see how it could be hammered down. In addition to that, I had all I could handle trying to put the hose on it and I don't know how I will ever get it off. Of course I would much rather use the swivel nozzle than having to wrestle with the standard one.

Does anyone have this same issue? Does anyone sell an adapter for reducing the nozzle size.



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Hello Alton,

Yes, they do make them, but I haven't seen one in years. I had a nozzle reducer from 5-inch to 4-inch on an older Gold King dredge I used to use in the Bradshaw's. I found one on Ebay that looks similar if you click on this link - Ebay Nozzle Reducer for Dredge

Mine was very similar to this one.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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Go to a welding shop, have a ring 3" made from rebar, take 4 1/2 inch striaght ones and have them welded to the front of the noozle, at an angle so you can weld the 3 inch rebar ring to it, like flk said then it lets lots of water in but you matirail is reduced to three inches on the intake. Grubstake

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Like Grubstake said; but I used was 1/2" round stock, find something 3" OD that doesn't burn, heat the round stock to red and bend around it, weld it together and then cut 3 tabs of 3/4" flat stock and weld to round stock. Put the edge of your ring at the bottom of your nozzle and kick out the top abit. Bend the tabs down to the nozzle, drill and bolt on (w/ carriage bolts. Simple!

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