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I have just registered for membership at I am not yet able to use the messageboard or add posts. On the 14th of July I am going to Pigeon Forge with my husband. We went to Dahlonega last year and really enjoyed it. We went to local mines and got some flake. Could you possibly suggest some Tellico River, Turkey Creek, and Coker Creek spots? Is 7 working days out too late to get a dredging permit for panning and area maps? Does that have to be done by mail or can we apply in person at the station? My husband works really hard and I want to make sure we have a nice vacation. We are staying 3 nights, 4 days and it is a nine hour drive/ride home.

I would love to give him the thrill of going in the Tellico Cherokee National Forest along some suggested trail to a creek where he could find a tiny nugget or some flakes. I have never seen him be so enthused about something and I enjoy panning too.

Even good advice about how to read the creek and river areas for potential gold would be helpful. We are GPAA members and I have been to Mr. Tim's site as well as several other suggested links. I am even printing forum posts and site info that is helpful to take with us. We will be traveling light, possibly on motorcycles. If you think this will cause wasted time through extra hiking or limit accessability via gravel/rock roads let me know, we may haul them instead or just drive entirely. I also copied the address of White's Mining Supply in Coker Creek.

Your help will be most appreciatted! Have a good 4th.


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To read the creek, look for places where the water slows down, it will drop gold out at those places, look for the inside bends of the creek, look for exposed bedrock, work the crevis's, work the moss, , under tree roots, edges of the bank, between the low and high water mark. You should get gold, unless there is not any in that area, Dalonaga was a really good producer, it was the site of the first US mint. I'm sure they never got it all. Good luck. Grubstake

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Do a little reading and ask some questions at the following link to the Coker Creek GPAA Chapter Forum, besides Doc Rodger's Field, which is in the National Forest so you should check with the ranger's station for any permits, which are free, you can also called and you can get the permits by mail ahead of time, you need a permit to dredge, I'm not sure if you need one to sluice, you can pan without a permit, the Coker Creek GPAA Chapter has a "claim" on Coker Creek, if you are a GPAA member you can prospect there as well, they also have camping and RV space at the "claim", is the link to forum...


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  • Admin

Hello Doc,

Please let the member know I might have deleted their request for a validation due to an email or username that looked like a SPAMMER. I highly suggest that you use a first name, or some type of username that might be related to gold prospecting, mining ... or such. If the username or email looks strange, I just delete the validation request.

Hope this helps,

Rob Allison

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