A letter from Minelab USA, Inc.

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Hello All,

You might have seen this report on another forum, but here it is again -

This letter was sent to all Authorized Minelab Dealers

Dear Minelab Dealer,

A number of our dealers have expressed concerns about our proposed discontinuation of repairs on older Minelab detectors. We have listened to these concerns and we greatly appreciate the constructive response from those who took the time to give us their opinions. In response we have reconsidered our position.

In essence our intent was, and still is, to only provide the best quality service level possible for our customers. Therefore we have made the following changes.

1. We will repair any product ever manufactured by Minelab provided we can get the

spare parts.

2. On some older products, some parts are available but others are not, meaning we can

do some repairs but we may not be able to do others.

3. If a detector is sent to us and we cannot fix it, we will phone the customer and advise

them. If the customer wishes us to send their product back we will do this at our cost.

Of course there will be no other charge.

If you're looking for parts for your Minelab metal detector, give me a call. I normally have extra parts for most of the Minelab's, if not, I can locate them most of the time. Minelab has listed me as one of only a few dealers that stocks all detectors and carry's second hand detectors.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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From our own Marco (Nero_design) on an Australian forum:

I asked for the earlier thread on this subject to be deleted (thank you Admin!) and I'm just posting a quick note to explain why.

Recently I announced that there were a number of detectors which would no longer be supported for service and repairs. These were almost exclusively older detectors but the list included some golden oldies like the early XTs and even the SD 2000.

The Americans announced a more comprehensive list which was then mirrored here. But it seems there's been an about face and the list should now be disregarded. I am told now that Minelab will continue to service detectors as per usual. And that there's plenty of spare parts and accessories to allow this to continue. This should make a lot of owners very happy.

It appears to be "business as usual".



Indeed I think it will make a lot of owners happy, and with an excellent chance many of them will again be ML customers in the future. I was quick to offer criticism, and so I'll be quick to offer praise when the situation turns itself around - which reading the above post by someone "in the know" it has. Plenty of spare parts have been located (or I am assuming acceptably equivalent parts). A most excellent decision, my faith in ML is restored, Great work, guys! I'm going to celebrate by heading out to the hills this weekend and finding some gold.....


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