Ban smoking in war zones

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Hey you old Vets. Remember when we were in (me in 1960s) you could buy 2 packs of regular Camel, Lucky Strike and Chesterfield at the canteen for 25 cents. Plus they came free in your ration packages in those little packs of 5, I think.

Back when I smoked a old battle axe nurse at the VA was ragging me about it. She thought they should throw all Vets that smoked out of the VA. I told here they couldn't afford all the law suits. She got indignant and said, what law suits? I said, all the Vets that smoke and got free smokes and 2 packs for a quarter, the military aided and abetted our smoking. Man did she get mad, but she shut up. A few years later after she had retired I heard she died of cirrhosis of the liver. We all got our Jones. :wacko:

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Yep, Frogmick, I remember that, we got cartons of Maroburo for 110. in the PX in Nam, and some of those C rations were dated 1944, we didn't have MRE"'S I always liked the round choclate that was in the can, along with crackers and cheese. Toilet papper, a book of matches, and packs of salt and pepper. When we were out in the field in Nam, we got all our smokes for free, I had a buddy that smoked a pipe, I'd trade him my pipe tobaco for his cigs. Grubstake I forgot to add, in the field, we got issued 4 cartons a month.

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