Lost Dutch Oven MIne

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Hey All,

I am an avid 4 wheel drive guy. I like to visit historical points of interest out in the desert. Not sure what kind of reputation 4x4's have here but I just wanted to let you know I have the utmost respect the natural land scape.

With that said I have a question about "The Lost Dutch Oven Mine" which is thought to be located somewhere near the Clipper or Old Lady Mountain range by Essex, California.

I have collected some maps of the area as well as 60 gps coordinates of interesting surface features I found on Google Earth.

I was wondering if any of you had stories or theories about this mine.

If I am correct the man who found the mine (but was not able to relocate it) lived and died in Danby...at the foot of the Clipper Mountains He said he forgot but it seems interesting that he retired so close to where he said the mine was. So did he really find it again and just tell people he didn't know where it was?

Thanks guys and girls!

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Greetings Modelbuilder

The area around Sunflower springs gust outside of Essex has some interesting features. Pegleg Smith left his name on a rock in this area.

If you talk to the old man at the tire shop in Essex (if he is still alive) his brother used to mine in the Old Woman mountains. Used to do real well, but would not tell his brother where the mine was.

You will need good maps as this is a vast area and HOT. There are some crazies that live around the mountains so beware.

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I thought I heard that Peg Leg Smiths lost mine was in Anza Borrego.

Do these guys that live around the mountains have claims that they own?

I don't want to trespass on someones property.

There are black nuggets scattered all over the deserts of Ca. Having a leg amputated during the civil war and replaced with a peg was as common

as the name Smith. More than one of these men have found gold.

Those that live there do not play by civilizations rules most of the time. Their claims on lands are mostly that have been working the area and are not legal, but who are you to argue. Make sure an equalizer can be seen and you should be ok. If you are on their property they will let you know.

Legal claims can be found at:


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If you're going anywhere betw essex and blythe, use floaters (wide tires) on the truck because the whole area is really sandy. expect daytime temps around 115 or so.

for a book with the lowdown, get one by Eugene Conrotto, dover.com, lost gold and treasure of the southwest, or something like that, reprints from the Desert magazine

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