Moore Creek 2010

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The 2009 season at Moore Creek was very successful, with our largest nugget ever found - a monster 32.2 oz chunk of gold! The nuggets were plentiful with the average take per person up from prior years. Over 86 ounces of gold was found by 28 people in a two week period.

Moore Creek will be under new management in 2010 as the placer and pay-to-mine operations have been sold to a group of five Alaskans. They intend to actually mine at Moore Creek plus continue the pay-to-mine operation. We want a smooth transition, so John will aid in setup next spring, and I will run the operation for the first week. I will be aided by Roger Cowles, owner of the Indian Valley Mine at The idea is Roger can see how we've been doing things and then he will take over starting the second week. One immediate benefit is there will be far more choices of weeks next summer.

The website has been revamped at The email address at has been taken over by Roger and so email sent to that address will go to him.

They are still getting the accounts together and have not even 100% nailed down their company name yet. But Roger is going to start penciling in names if you email or call him at 907-653-1120. The fee will be $2500 a week in 2010 - sorry, no discounts next summer. Well, not unless Roger decides otherwise.

I do thank everyone who has visited Moore Creek in the past. It has been a real pleasure having you all up to the mine. And I'll look forward to seeing some of you one last time at Moore Creek.

Steve Herschbach

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Steve... Bitter sweet.... I have vicariously followed the Moore Creek activity...

It one thing to be able to go but not have the money... then comes the time

to have the money but not able to go... For me a "big trip" is driving 100

miles to the Randsburg area and do some nuggethunting... For you doors

close and other doors open... Greater things are ahead of you.

My Best Wishes to a GREAT Moore Creek 2010...

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Hi Frank,

Well, Moore Creek was a side business, not how I make my living. I still have my day job.

Moore Creek has been a great gig, but I have a long list of other places I need to prospect yet. It sold about a year earlier than I was looking for as I still have some things I wanted to get done there, but now it will be up to the new owners. Another year and I would have been done regardless. Been there, done that.

This is my normal cycle. I used to prospect a lot. Then I got some claims on Stetson/Cooper Creeks. That ate up quite a few years and I got tired of seeing the same old place all the time. So sold them and prospected for a few years. Then got claims on Canyon Creek. Then sold them, went prospecting. Then got claims on Mills Creek. Then sold them, went prospecting. Then came Moore Creek. And now time to move on.

I do have some other claims up in the Wrangell Mountains - just spent a week up there a couple weeks ago. Nice place, nice gold. But I'm thinking of heading up the the Brooks Range or maybe Nome or Ruby or... who knows. I'll spend the winter setting up for something next year. No doubt at some point I'll end up with some new claims somewhere.

Steve Herschbach

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Hi Steve

Glad and a little sad. Glad your doing what you want and sad we never met I have been up to Alaska 5 times for a month each and always spend some time

with Roger and his family, there great people. My son and I consider them

to be good friends. I should be up that way next summer. My son will be in the

Keni area this Sept. And will no doubt see Roger.

I hope everything goes the best for you and yours.



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Hi Steve; you remind me of Major Downie of California 49er fame...he was always looking for a better patch...

You gave me and many others the chance to experience wilderness Alaska. Thank you!!!

If you need/want any help in the Brooks range I would be interested...I promise to bring tried and true equipment next time...

Best wishes


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