32 for 17 DWT in one day

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Here is the first batch of gold found at my new patch with a GP3000

Rob it is alaska by the way. maybe you can answer a question. About 200 yards away from this patch there is another

but the bedrock is so hot I cannot tune it out using a DD coil any suggestions?

I did manage to find a 1/2 oz. nugget at the edge of the hot bedrock area so I know there is more there.


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  • Admin

Hey Mhlak,

You're probably detecting on top of some of that Graphite type bedrock, that is very hot in Alaska. I've never personally seen it, but have heard of many nuggetshooters talking about it.

Have you tried using the "Auto Tracking" with the DD coil at this location?

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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  • Admin

Hello Mhlak,

Ya, sounds like it's a very mineralized location. You might just have to deal with the ground noise and raise your searchcoil off the ground a few inches. You might miss some small ones, but this will still allow you to hear the larger ones at depth and elliminate most of the mineralization.

I seriously doubt any DD will work there regardless of the brand. If one don't work, then another DD wouldn't make any difference.

If you have a larger DD coil, you might try it. A larger DD will not be as sensitive as a small one, so a small DD might allow you to hear more ground mineralization.

Have you tried playing with some of the settings on the GP?

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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