Heading for Helena Mt

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Hey guys, I'm headed up to Helena Mt next week and was wondering if anyone knew where around there I could spend a day or two beeping for gold. Spending a few days with my daughter and grand-kids and would like to try my luck in some new country. Let me know if any of you know anything about that country.

Thanks. AL. C

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Hi Al, Hope that you have a great time with the Grand Kids in Mt.. I when to Greaterville Yesterday. It was hot and humid and the only thing that I brought home was Chiggers on both Ankles. I spent 4 Hrs. with the 4500 and dug up a lot trash. ( No Gold) 4 Hrs with the GMT and same results. I think that you will like the weather in Mt., Its a great time of yr. there. Have a great trip. Doug

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Hey Al,

Seen some nice nuggets from Montana, but couldn't tell you where they were found. The owner never really told me much more than Montana Gold.

Doug - You need to get some Snake Gaiters and then some good Bug Spray to spray on your pants and chaps. This is the method I use when I'm down in Greaterville and never got a single chigger bite. I carry the Snake Gaiters if you don't have a pair.

P.S. Keep plugging away down there and you will find a nice one.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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