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I just got a Super Shaft from Bandana Don he sent me to test, This is going to be great for all you tall guys and people that use big coils, The Super Shaft is metal, just like the stock shaft, has the same locking nut on the end, is 6 inches longer than the stock factorty shaft, and instead of just 6 ajustment holes, it has 8, I just mounted it on my detector, and it balances out very well. This is the cats meow. Don has them made right here in the good old USA, and sells them for $89.00 shipped. So if your tall or run lage coils that you need to get farther away from you body, Contact Banda Don By PM or I think he said ROB also carries some. Either way, you can't beat them, better than having lots of extra long lower shafts for sure. I'm just 5'11 1/2 and its just right for the 18 inch coil I'm running, it gets it out there. I think he said Montana just ordered one and a few other. Best thing for tall guys or gals that has come along. and a great product. Grubstake

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Grubstake. I've had one for almost 2 years now and can't imagine going back to the standard length shaft. I don't find myself stepping on the back edge of my larger coils like I used to and the extra length keeps my back in a better position . I also highly recomend it to anyone over 5"10" . I've always said that most detector shafts were designed for midgets and this goes back to the VLF days. Just a few more inches would make all detectors more freindly to the taller guys. ----Bob

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