Bees aborted my Beepin

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I took a break from my long list of honey-do's and decided to go out for a little beepin. Closest area for me is the Dale District, near 29 Palms, still a 3 hr drive. I took off yesterday afternoon intending to get in a little evening beepin, sleep in the bed of my truck then giver her hell at first light. Arrived about 6:00pm, a cool 106 degrees, but its a dry hot, whatever that's worth. Got out for a little beepin but found the EMI from aircraft almost unbearable. Nary a target. Cooled off at sunset aided with a couple cold beers. Nighttime was actually quite pleasant, ended up with the sleeping bag draped over me. Started out next morning at first light, no EMI. Then bees started following me around. At first only about half a dozen. They were not agressive, but very persistent about trying to get some moisture out of me. Then as it warmed up, the rest of their family started showing up. Maybe two dozen, but they were getting more determined. They were very interested in the sweat between my pack and my shirt. Then one very determined bee landed on my face checking out my mouth. I shooed him away with a wave of a gloved hand and he stung the crap out of my wrist. By now there were dozens of them following me and landing on my arms and legs, (wearing shorts naturally). After about and hour they were starting to unnerve me so I headed back to my truck. I was more concerned that one my get too interested in the sweat on my testicles. Wow, I had left a window open and there must have been a hundred inside the cab of my truck. They also found the dregs of last nights beers and were all over those empties. I reached in and opened the other window hoping the breeze would move some of them out of the truck. It worked more or less, only about 20 remained inside the cab. So I figured to get in and drive like hell to get the rest of them out and leave the horde behind. It worked except for the one that got between my back and the seat. He also stung the crap out of me. Nary a target and 2 bee stings in less than two hours, nice outing. Shoulda stayed home and painted the guest room. Good thing Rob wasn't there, he's kinda funny about bee stings.

Looking forward to cooler weather, a shorter honey-do list and some time in the hills.


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I don't care where I'm at I never leave my window open at all.I know what your talking about Bee's are looking for anything they can wet their lips if you want to call it that.

Maybe you need to get a Bee net to keep them off of you.Then you will have to tape off any opening in you clothing.

I guess it may be best to stay home and make your honey happy by doing honey does are go out to put up with Honey Bee's. My vote is for the Honey Bee's the Honey Does will always will be there.

Chuck Anders

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I had a couple of bees pestering me yesterday when I was detecting. I'd already put on insect repellent so they eventually moved on to bother my wife instead. Last few times I got stung was when I tried to wave them away from my face with an open hand and they seemed to get wedged between my fingers.

You sound like you had a family of bees squatting in your vehicle. Or was that "beehicle"? Stay away from those bees!

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Steve, you should have given them what they wanted. Water... Once while camping we were invaded by wasps looking for water and buzzed around us like they did you. They climbed into our beer, went after the melting ice in our coolers and as you described, tried to get the perspiration off our neck. I took a few pans and filled them with water, placed them at a good distance away from our camp... Once they found the pans, they must have text messaged the hive as they were soon all over the pans....and not in our camp site anymore.

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I got stung the other day right through my Levis on the knee . Never had that happen before . The bees and wasps are very aggressive all over the deserts right now . The extremely dry weather means no wildflowers and almost no pools of water. They are hungry, thirsty and in a bad mood. One place I stopped and had dozens of bees around my car before I could even unload the quad, so I moved to another spot. ----Bob

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Sounds like you were beepin over close to Bob Duncans claim. He has a treacherous road that has claimed a couple of lives and a million or so bees looking after that place. next time pour a little water in a dog bowl sized dish and all the bees will go to that. You will be able to make a quick get away. Bob uses a gold pan and a 5 gallon water jug. Those bees will go through 5 gallons in a hurry, but they will leave you alone while they are doing it. Bob might not though if he catches you on his claim. LOL.

I expect that all those old mines have bees in them now cause it is cool down deep. You were probably miles from Bob's claim. Bob's an old sweetie too he has a heart as big as his belly.



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Damn bees.

I've been hit hard in Dale (far from Bob's claim BTW) quite a few times, even after setting out water all over the place trying to distract them. Determined little bastards. Now I have to carry an epi-pen because I got stung so many times, I puff up like the Michelin man in the areas I get stung. My Doc said the more you are stung the less resilient you can get and can eventually become allergic to them (like me).

SDF, are ya up for this weekend??? supposed to be cooling down a bit.


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