homemade coil....?

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I can't watch the news anymore, sick of the Red and Blue war..

So i have resigned to the discovery channels, the history channels and the science channels...well, ok i do watch

the Versus channel just to watch 20 something year olds, that should be working jobs, go out and break arms and legs on skateboards..

Well i caught something about prospecting, an old man in the 50's had made his own coils for

surplus mine detectors and had them mounted on his surplus M38 jeep. He supposedly found gold, but also alot

of meteorites.

They didn't show much more, but i would like to try it. I am an amateur radio operator and wind coils all the time for radios

i build from scratch, cant be too difficult to wind a coil for the frequecy of my detector.

Of course Sierra Club might put a bounty on my head and chase me like the "real" law did Butch and Sundance", i'd hate to die in Bolivia...:(

Anybody tried this?



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56 willys. A freind of mine in California makes his own coils for the Minelab PIs . He said it was no problem and he found some nice nuggets with his design. He got all the info on how to do it on the internet and also got the proper wire, connectors etc. off the internet. There are lots of others who make their own coils . ----Bob

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Many,many years ago, I bought a heath KIT detector, for a high school metalshop/electronics clas project, we had to build our own control box in metal shop and we did the electonic's in electronics clas, we mad our own coils out of wood and groved the round wood coil to wrap the copper seaker wire around it for the coil. It was in 1965 so its hard for me to remember how. but back the everything was simple, heck they even let us make flintlock and cap and ball rifles in metal shop class, back then out of kits we could buy through the school. Try that now. Grubstake

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HI 56Willys

You can get a lot of information on Whites TDI tech forum and Geo tech forum under coils.

You may have to go back a ways look for threads with Reg and Roughwater(Terry)

all the info you will need will be there. Building a few myself.



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Hi Chuck

Several of us started this topic I think in May. Terry has become a coil Guru.

I've built one and it works great, started another yesterday. If you have the time

and materials a coil can be built for about 40.00-50.00 dollars. That's a lot better than

150.00-500.00. This is a way to get to try different coils for a small outlay in money

and not too much time spent. Everything you need to know is in the forums. Doing this

gave me a really good understanding of how different coils work.



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