Hangover Nugget!

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Well, I had a busy weekend and most of it was a blurr! NuggetSlayer and myself, wanted to hit the high country this weekend for a little detecting with his new detector and to escape the heat of the valley. Friday, afternoon Mrs Lucky and I hit the local casino and it was a good trip with camera taking her photo with one of them big checks. Well next morning up at 0430 hrs for our trip, get to the woods and set up camp and then hit some of the old working. It was a pretty good hike and a couple of big hills and it zapped my energy and I was sucking down water like a sponge! Jeff, was busy working a little spot and pulled his 4 nuggets out before, I told him I'm finished for the day! He looked at me and said, yep your finished for the day. We humped back to camp drank more water and eat dinner. It was time for Jeff, to head home and I nearly went with him but toughed it out! Feeling like a million dollars this morning, I hit the trail and went 100 yards below where Jeff pulled his gold out on top of the hill. I was looking for some of them sliders that worked their way downhill over the ehons. I found a couple and here's one of them! Until our next hunt.




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Yep Rick got pretty wasted on Friday. If my wife won enough money to get a picture with a huge paper check like you see in the movies, I would have gotten so drunk a army couldn't have woke me up Sat. I was hoping you would have found something today. That was some rough hunting on the side of a moutian all day. It was fun and nice scenery to boot. First thing I did today was ordered a pocket rocket and a swing-arm from Rob. Nice nugget Rick that thing is knarly.

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Wow...LL...That was very nice of you to find such a beauty just in honor of Colorado Bob's birthday today!!!!

Happy B'day, Bob...When it cools down a bit, Dodacious and I are gonna bring the ATV's and the Gold Sniffer RTV over your direction...Damn near 1.5 hr drive, but I can tough it out!!! :D :D :D ...Cheers, Unc

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Hey Ron,

Thanks for the B-Day.

You get over this way, give me a shout maybe we can go out and plunk around for a bit.

I used to make that trip at least once a month. Would sleep in that "ol" hard ass bed of my truck for two or three nights. Up at Rich Hill. Come Monday I couldn't wait to head back home too a hot shower and a soft bed. These bones are getting too old for that crap-o-la. Unless of course I could find a big-un, probably could force myself to do it one more time. :rolleyes:

Bob T.

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