Finally Gold hits over $1000.00

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I my area, I could get at least Spot +25% no problem. Grubstake

Here's some my uncle sold up here about two months a go when gold was just barely $900. Middle is a 5 ozer which sold for $6000.00 a 1 1/2 ozer which sold for $2000 and a 17.6 dwt nugget that sold for $1500.00

Where did he go to sell them? A local gold buying place or something else? They pay you cash, write you a check? I'm really curious how the whole process works when it comes to selling gold that you have found.

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Grub where did he find them I need the coords :P just joking. Ya I was just looking tonight and it hit $1008.90 I hope it stays up and I find a lot of gold and everyone else around here too!!! Sometimes with the work, sweat, sunburns, and everything else gold should be worth $5,000 a ounce. But I do it for fun as my wife gets the money when I sell it. I pay her off and she lets me hunt. If anything it will keep me young, I haven't seen a out of shape prospector yet, well one that finds gold anyways lol.

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