New guy here - Best coil for Klamath River area?

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Hi Everyone-

I've spent the last few months reviewing old posts and drooling over the great gold everyone has found. Nice job! I hope to be posting my own pictures soon. I'm fairly new to the nuggetshooting game but have used a Minelab Excal 1000 for seven years and an X-Terra 50 as backup for the last two. I live in the Bay Area and have made it my mission to spend more time in Gold Country, both the Klamath River region and the Sierra Gold Belt.

Google books is a wonderful thing. I've researched the old California Dept of Mines books and annuals and cross referenced the locations where nuggetty gold and quartz gold was found against modern topo maps. I've got a number of locations to search plotted (hope they're not claimed) and I've joined a prospecting club to get access to more. I know where the gold WAS and hopefully I can find some that was missed.

I have a few questions for those more experienced in such matters. For the SD2200v2, what would be the best coil for the Klamath river area? I'd prefer something waterproof too, for creek searching.

From reading old posts, I'm thinking a DD due to soil mineralization, but would like to hear from someone who's experienced the conditions. I like the Goldstalker coils, but I only see mono ones on Rob's page.

Thanks all!


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  • Admin

Hello Ian,

The Goldstalkers are not waterproof, but Coiltek does make several completely waterproof coils. The 12x8 Platypus Mono or DD has been one of Coiltek's hottest selling waterproof coils. They also make the UFO and Mini UFO Mono's, but they are much larger in size. The Platypus is nice cause it's small enough to crevice the bedrock in Creeks or Rivers. I always have these coils in stock.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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