Fun hunt today, we were able to pull 5 nugs out

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Got to hunt with the guy who bought my GP3000 today(Robert). Robert it was fun today, we will have to do it again. I was able to get him on a nice 2.2gram nugget. I was stoked he found a nice one and I think he was too. For just starting out with the Minelab machine he was doing great, and shoot found gold that ain't bad. I had a pretty good day myself. I have been on this dang skunk, dink, skunk, dink run. I got out of that rut today and was able to pull out a nice 1.4dwt and a 6dwt nugget today along with two .2dwt nuggets. Sorry for the really bad pictures they are from my phone. When my wife gets back I can take a picture of mine but Robert took his home. Once again it was fun Robert till the next time.

All the nugs from today.


Roberts 2.2 gram nugget


My days worth


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Awesome so nice to see gold!!! I dug bullets all weekend. I would post pics but none cares. Robert called me and told me he found a nugget. That got me pumped up so i spent a extra 2 hours at my spot. Found nothing but i am learning the gp3000. My finds get deeper and smaller every time i go out. Those GPs pick up TINY TINY slivers of steal. Drives me nuts. I found a staple lol

Awesome gold guys.

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