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Hi Chris...Happy New Year!! I will visit my good friend in Lancaster on Jan 15th. We will go to GPAA show nearby on next day. My friend did not have prospecting experience and wanna to join. I will assist him to prospect around SW Calif and SE Calif soon. I hopefully see you guys there. I also will be volunteered at GPAA Show this February. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. :)

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Howdy Rob... I you see this, I hope you don't mind I added a new post referring to

the GPAA February 13-14 Gold and Treasure Show which will be held at the Arizona

State Fair Grounds in Phoenix...

To add more information regarding the Lancaster gold show. There is a continuing

interest in "treasure hunting." So, if you are also interested in treasure hunting

I will be giving out free Lost Treasure and Western & Eastern Treasures magazines

at my informational and informal booth at the show.

As there is a interest in Dr. Erik Melchiorre's latest book Gold Atlas of

Rich Hill I have a copy (Thank you Rob) that will be available to hold

and look at. (I will also have a copy of Rich Hill, and Octave to look at).

As in the past, there will be at various times some oldtimers at the booth...

If anyone reading this post is interested in prospecting within the Randsburg,

Quadrangle stop by, especially on Saturday, as Sandtrap Jerry and also Richard

will be there in the booth...

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