Montana Left Me a Nice Skunk Whacker

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Yo All...Montana Bob posted some interesting nuggets he found in the Vultures a few weeks ago...I've just returned from a great two week trip to Northern Kalifornication where I got to see the grand babies and spend a few days with Dodacious on a luxurious 4 bedroom two bath 60 foot houseboat with satellite TV on Trinity Lake...Rode out that bad Pacific storm that rolled through tied up in a protective cove and even managed a few catfish...

Anyhow, I got out yesterday to the Vultures and followed my nose to a spot I'd researched but never beeped and, loe and behold, I found Montana's tracks and signs of the hunt...There still were lots of shoe tacks and horse shoe nails in the gully, plus I found an old crevice tool .... And right next to the tool I got a very faint signal ... Down about 10 inches was this unusual nugget ... 3.3 grams of skunk whacking, dry spell breaking goodness ... Thanks for leaving me one, Bob... :lol: ... By the way, it was Dodacious & my 15th wedding anniversary, so it's extra special....Here's my typical excessive photo show of the find ... Cheers, Unc






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Thanks, Guys....Fred it seems to be hematite...Not magnetic...Doesn't appear to have any quartz, just black rock...

Yep, Jon...Trusty ol' Baboo sd2100 with NF DD 14" round XP...Goes deep and mellows the ground...

Thanks Lucky...

I got back out this after noon and covered a series of nearby gullies...Montana's sneaker tracks were in every single one of them...He appeared to get nearly all the targets except for a spot where some old timer's pick busted up on him...Dozens of steel chunks!...But no nuggies...

Here's the crevice tool I found yesterday......

Cheers, Unc

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Thanks for posting the pic of the nugget Montana left for you as a an anniversary present. Several times I've followed Bob's track of shoe and old smoke butts and found lil nuggets he didn't find. I consider myself very lucky when I find something Bob left behind. On the other hand Bob has also found nuggets I overlooked so guess we are even.


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  • Admin

Hello Uncle Ron,

Congrats on the new find! There is a lot of potential I think in that area. Found a couple smaller patches last year. Haven't been out exploring once this year, just been working, running the business and taking care of the little one.

Hope to see some nice finds from that area this year.

P.S. Don't chase Bob, have Bob chase you .... LOL :wub:

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Ron. That's what I get for being a trashophobe. That oldtimer was pretty thorough , He didn't leave a lot, but what he left was nice sized. I was going to redo that gully when I was in the mood to dig all targets. Now that you have removed the trash I'll try it again next time we head out there. Luckily the oldtimer left most of his trash at his camp over by the road so that gully wasn't horribly trashy. See you soon for another trip in there. This is a lesson to anyone who thinks that they can't find gold behind an experienced prospector. It happens all the time , especially if you aren't too lazy to dig all targets, which I'm guilty of. Good job Ron. You persisted when you saw that I was passing up targets . The gold isn't all gone until the trash is all gone.----Bob

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