Got one with the DD Pro Elite

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So Adam,

I am real interested in knowing how the coil ran.

Very few people understand that the DD Pro Elite is really a quantam leap ahead for users of older machines; (below GPX4000)

The DD Pro Elite was designed specifically for these older machines and optimized to work with the older machines and is supposed to make them run much quieter with no loss in sensitivity.

Now the DD Pro Elite works great on the GPX4000 and GPX4500 as well, the only thing is, unlike the older machines, it works no better than a standard DD Pro.

So in other words, there is no advantage to using the DD Pro Elite over a DD Pro on the 4000 or 4500 machine because you will not notice any difference of one coil over the other.

However, if you use it on a GP3500 or lower, the DD Pro Elite outperforms the standard DD Pro.

The whole idea if the DD Pro Elite was to give owners of older machines a coil that would run quieter with improved sensitivity, stability, depth and much lighter.

It really is a fantastic coil that only a few people know about.



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Hey Doc,

You are correct that people just dont say much about the Pro Elite. This coil is almost never brought up on any forums that I have seen anyway. Maybe with the advent of the Goldstalker series being released so near to the release of the Elite, Perhaps the elite coil didnt get its full share of the big-screen if you will. The coil seemed to get nudged aside by the big news of the Goldstalkers (even though a DD goldstalker had not been mentioned as of that time).

I have never used a DD coil before so I can not compare it to a 14" DD Pro or otherwise. What I was interested in is how it compared to my 14" Round Mono in hot ground, as well as sensitivity to smaller targets, plus I wanted to discriminate for a while as well. However, since this coil is new to me I am afraid I will need more time behind it to sort of get a feel for it, especially when it comes to sensitivity to smaller targets at depth. I know what my 14" mono is capable of ,and it may take some time to feel out the Elite.

I will say that the Elite ran nice in some pretty nasty ground in the San Domingo quad, and of course there were plenty of Basalt hot rocks in the mix. I did notice the difference in the ground noise department for sure, and was pleasantly surprised. I also utilized the Discrimination for a couple hours, digging every target (Blanking or not). Every blanked target was ferrous just like it should have been. Will I depend on this feature ? Maybe , maybe not. Time will tell on that regard, but it does seem to work on big deep ferrous, and small shallow ferrous material.

To sum it up: I just want more time behind this coil. If it runs quieter on warm ground, and is close to the sensitivity of the 14" CT Mono , then this may become my main coil.

P.S. The nugget was found while in Disc. mode.

Wish I had more to tell you Doc....But thats about it.


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Got out a little over a week ago, and managed this one grammer in the San Domingo area. The coil is a (new to me) used one bought a couple weeks back . This was with a prehistoric 2200V2... ;)




You say the 2200V2 is prehistoric :glare: . Exactly what are you referring to? Unfortunately, I can't afford to own a 4500 or I would. Thanks.


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Exactly what are you referring to?


Hey there H2o, Do you see the little Icon giving a wink after that statement? That means I`m kidding around. I wish I could afford a 4500 too, but I wouldnt know how to use it anyway :lol: The SD`s find gold man....dont worry about it.

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Thanks Adam. I was wound fairly tight last night. Spent most of the afternoon and evening messing around trying to get communication between my router and a Roku device that will allow me to view movies on my TV. When I saw your post, I thought, "what's next. With my funds being tight at the moment, I'm trying to get the 2200 equipped as good as I can, by using a pocket rocket and signal enhancer. Now I'll look at the Pro Elite and see what I'll have to lay out for that. I'll use my GB2's as a back-up to the 2200.



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Hi Adam and Doc,

I’ve been using the 14â€DD Pro Elite for almost 2 years now on my SD2200v2

I’m happy with the performance of it on the ground over here,

So far I’ve picked up a few nuggets with it, the response on smaller targets is good a .7 gram nugget at 6†was a very strong signal.

I did a comparison with my 16†NF advantage round mono on a 2oz nugget that was down 18†and the response was about the same, maybe slightly louder on the Elite.

One very faint signal detected turned out to be a 18oz slug at over 24†deep, this would have been a good comparison test but I didn’t have the mono with me at the time.

To be fair any detector/coil combination would have found the shallow 25.7oz slug in the pic I had to pinpoint it with coil raised 12†off the ground !




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