A few nuggets this week

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Yo All...Explored a new patch area this week and it was one of those where the only signals were gold!!!! :) ... Found a total of just over a half ounce ... The best one was a 3 grammer that was down in compacted red dirt 16" ... Was using ol' Baboo sd2100 with the NF 14" DD XP coil ... Pocket rocket and Doc's enhancer ... Black Widow headphones ... Killer combo of equipment ... The nugget just barely whispered ... I had walked over it the previous day and missed it ...Later, I found an area on the hill about 100 feet above the gulch that showed a schist vein with tiny 1/8" stringers of quartz ... The stringers held three 1.5 gram nuggets down about 6" in the schist... I got all excited thinking I hit the mother lode, but after digging out a huge area of the rotten schist, there were no more goodies... The six grammer I found down in the gulch obviously came off the same schist vein as the three I dug out up the hill... Also found a solid little one gram nugget about 1/4 mile down gulch ... Fun week ...Here's pix...Cheers, Unc

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Man.. I had to go all the way to Brazil to find a place to beep where the only targets were gold. In all honesty I dug no less than 300 nails and bullet fragments today......... zilch on the gold. But a promising area that has not seen much in the way of detectors. WTG Ron

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I'm not trying to sell Doc's Gold Screamer Signal Enhancers, OK maybe a little.

But anyone NOT using one of my Signal Enhancers is missing gold. I absolutely can not use a metal detector without one. The difference in the audio is like night and day, all of a sudden you feel like nothing will escape your notice. Before I started using a signal enhancer I used to get headaches from having to concentrate and listen so hard because I just could not get the volume out of the machine my crappy hearing needed.

I remember detecting with Joe who makes the Hermit Picks. We were in Rattlesnake Canyon, and I think way back then he was using a GP3500. He called me over to listen to a target, he didn't have a signal enhancer and I couldn't hear anything. And he was questioning whether he was hearing anything as well.

I said, hold on Joe, let me put my signal enhancer on your machine and listen to the difference it makes. I put it on his GP3500 and you could hear the signal without even putting the headphones on. He adjusted the volume and put the headphones on and said, "Oh WOW! What a difference. I hope you have another one of these in the truck, 'cause you ain't getting this one back!"

Ron is right, a Signal Enhancer and a good set of headphones is really essential.



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Hi Doc,

I think I probably need one of those Docs Gold Screamers for my GPX4000...I can't find diddily any more, and I am thinking it might very well be my hearing. My friends dad uses a hearing aid, and he gets the gold with regularity.

I am not sure what it entails to make the Gold Screamer work on a GPX4000, but FYI, I do use a Pocket Rocket, most of the time, so I would suspect that needs to figure into the equation somewhere.

I think it will be the last desperate effort to get the right combination, before I decide to bag it all completely.


Gary Long/Boise ID.

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